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Marketing Research is not Rocket Science, but it is Science

It remains a fact of business life today: after the Great Recession, two and even three jobs were combined into one. This occurred just as Big Data (and small) was becoming part of everyone's job—whether or not they had any data experience. This isn't about CRM data, which is a huge but totally separate issue. This is […]
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Self-Service Market Research Version 3.0

The search for free, easy and fast online market research tools is now about 15 years old. As with all new things, it started out cute and promising; then came awkward adolescence. Like the Internet itself, clunky first and second versions gave way to increasingly elegant and functional iterations. Now, there's wide agreement that self-service […]
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No Research Budget? No Time for Surveys? Think again, you may have options.

Many project managers only need four things from early-stage research: they need it fast; they need it concise; they need it accurate; and they don't have a budget. But when your boss says, "I want to know what people think about this topic and I need five slides on it for my meeting tomorrow," you […]
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