Professional Services

Our highly experienced team is ready to step in wherever you need us to help you with:

  • Survey Creation
  • Data Management
  • Field Data Collection Management
  • Report Generation and Proofing

Make It Yours

Use your identity and branding to provide a customized personal experience for your individual participants by using the white label option. Uploading your logo and other specific elements is easy and you can turn this feature on and off for each survey you create.

Insight Driving Analytics

Need help with the heavy analytical lifting? Consulting services provided by our data scientists and industry experts who turn insights into actions.

  • VisualDifferentiatorTM
  • Segmentation
  • 2-Way Discriminant
  • Configurator AnalysisTM
  • Discrete Choice
  • MaxDiff
  • Modified Van Westendorp
  • Brand Power IndexTM
  • BPRTM Full Analysis

Brand Assessment

Understand the value of your brand's equity and receive concrete, actionable advice on how to maximize its performance as a competitive asset. Since 1999, we have studied many versions of the sales funnel form of measurement and have synthesized an improved version of brand-power modeling that allows organizations to identify the contribution of the brand to the business.

Concept & Product Testing

Screen for the best options with proven customer immersive research techniques. Concept testing is widely used to identify and evaluate new product ideas. Many targeted qualitative and quantitative techniques can be employed to test early-stage concepts and gauge the potential of new product opportunities.

Satisfaction Research

Determine how well you are meeting your customers' and/or employees' expectations and uncover possible causes for abandonment and/or defection to competitive offerings. Understanding what drives satisfaction within a market space is critical to keeping customers happy and products competitive. Satisfaction is a key performance indicator that can be measured over time and incorporated into a larger scorecard among additional KPIs

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