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Difference Between Panel & Sample

The key difference between having your own panel and acquiring sample is primarily the timeframe in which you work with either one.  A Research Panel represents a longer-term relationship with respondents that agree to participate in multiple surveys over time. Sample, on the other hand, is generally a group of respondents gathered for a single survey or research effort.

Key Differences

Key Benefits of Having Your Own Panel

Helps to effectively manage time and financial budgets:

  • Less time finding respondents
  • Can be adapted to a variety of types of research
  • More likely to gain dependable participation
  • Panelists can become more valuable over time

Key Benefits

Panels Perform Well for Many Types of Ongoing Research

  • Explore new product and marketing communication opportunities
  • Gauge changes in consumer reactions to existing products and services
  • Understand underlying reasons that may explain in-market behaviors and prevailing business beliefs

Panel Performance

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We’ve Built and Managed Panels for 20+ Years

  • Designed, built and managed over 300 custom panels
  • Internal development staff can build custom features and functionalities to meet the unique needs of each of our clients
  • Our systems are scalable and meet the most stringent security and reliability requirements set by our financial services clients


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This Panel Builder Provides Everything You Need

  • Default or customized themes including landing page, FAQs, Privacy Policy, etc.
  • Extensive profiling for targeted demographic requisitions
  • Creative incentive options
  • Choose your own domain name
  • Q-Oasis white label features*
  • Panel health metrics reporting
  • SSL/HTTPS Certificate
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Password complexity control
  • Session lockout/timeout
  • Double Opt-in/Opt-Out GDPR/CCPA Compliant
  • Facebook/Google sign-on compatibility
  • Intuitive and engaging UX
  • Quick access to Available Surveys, Flash Polls, Activities from HomePage Navigation
  • Creative Incentive Options; Sweepstakes, PPC, auctioning, etc.
Key Benefits

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