Your Own Panel For A Fraction of The Cost

Difference Between Panel & Sample

The key difference between having your own panel and acquiring sample is primarily the timeframe in which you work with either one. A Research Panel represents a longer-term relationship with respondents that agree to participate in multiple surveys over time. Sample, on the other hand, is generally a group of respondents gathered for a single survey or research effort.

Key Benefits of Having Your Own Panel

Helps to effectively manage time and financial budgets:

  • Less time finding respondents
  • Can be adapted to a variety of types of research
  • More likely to gain dependable participation
  • Panelists can become more valuable over time

Panels Perform Well for Many Types of Ongoing Research

  • Explore new product and marketing communication opportunities
  • Gauge changes in consumer reactions to existing products and services
  • Understand underlying reasons that may explain in-market behaviors and prevailing business beliefs

We’ve Built and Managed Panels for 20+ Years

  • Designed, built and managed over 300 custom panels
  • Internal development staff can build custom features and functionalities to meet the unique needs of each of our clients
  • Our systems are scalable and meet the most stringent security and reliability requirements set by our financial services clients

We’ve Built and Managed Panels for 20+ Years

This Panel Builder Provides Everything You Need

For the Builder

Default or customized themes including landing page, FAQs, Privacy Policy, etc.
Extensive profiling for targeted demographic requisitions.
Creative incentive options.
Choose your own domain name.
Q-Oasis white label features*
Panel health metrics reporting.

Security & Compliance

SSL/HTTPS Certificate
Multi-factor authentication
Session lockout/timeout
Double Opt-in/Opt-Out GDPR/CCPA Compliant
Facebook/Google sign-on compatibility

For Your Panelists

Intuitive and engaging UX.
Quick access to Available Surveys, Flash Polls, Activities from HomePage Navigation.
Creative Incentive Options; Sweepstakes, PPC, auctioning, etc.
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