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Discover a much easier way to create your own surveys. An unrestricted and savvy platform, Q-Oasis will reduce stress, save budget and time.
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No Limits. No Gimmicks.

There is no limited time trial period because our survey platform will always be free. Unrestricted and easy-to-use, you can get the answers you need when you need them. Guaranteed unlimited questions and logic.

Yes, it's Totally Responsive

All your surveys will perform seemlessly on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. The Q-Oasis surveyor senses the device and presents the question in the proper format for that device without you having to take any extra steps.

Visualization Helps Take Away the Stress

Q-Oasis allows you to visualize your survey workflow from a very high level, all the way down to details of individual questions. You can focus on gathering crtitical insights instead of struggling with a complicated design.

Say Bye Bye to Bias with Smarter Surveys

Quality sample starts with outbound sample balancing. Minimize the need for complex weighting schemes after your data has been collected. You can manage and even eliminate potential bias by applying Sample Balancing to your outbound invitations using the Q-Oasis Email Management System. Yes, it's part of the free platform so you won't pay extra.
Full survey capabilities and basic reporting for individuals.
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$40 per user, per month
($450 per year, per user)
Complete survey and reporting platform for small teams
$80 per user, per month
($800 per year, per user)
Powerful survey and reporting platform for teams of all sizes. Unlimited advanced and gamified questions and reporting
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Our highest levels of security, functionality, and support for larger organizations
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Survey Platform Features

Bronze Silver Gold
Unlimited Surveys
Unlimited Questions
Survey Responses 500/month 1000/month/user 2000/month/user
Email Management 2000/month 4000/month/user 8000/month/user
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Q-Oasis Logic BuilderSM

Piping, Skipping, Branching

Q-Oasis Fraud PreventionSM

Location Detection
Content Protection
Email Support
Phone Support
Brand Tracking Dashboard
Concept Testing Dashboard
Mobile Optimization
Crosstabs and Pivot Tables
SPSS and CSV Downloads
Pre-Built Survey Templates
Enhanced Question Types Pay-per-use Pay-per-use
Enhanced Reporting
Team Management
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