Combat Survey Fatigue with Engaging Tools

Increase focus, attention and therefore quality of response by adding game-enhanced question formats to your survey. And you can add gamification tools to your surveys on an 'as you need it' basis so you pay for what you want when you want it.

Concept Highlighter

A powerful content feedback system gives consumers the ability to interact with a variety of creative elements such as packaging, direct mail, Web sites and print collateral. The Concept Highlighter enables efficient identification of optimization opportunities for targeted concept and marketing communications development. The Concept Highlighter reporting interface delivers customizable heat map results that instantly demonstrate key drivers and detractors within a given creative, with supporting diagnostics lending insight into motivating, confusing and/or problematic elements.

Card Sort

Drag-and-drop interactivity that allows respondents to evaluate long lists and/or images of a variety of attributes, names, features, products and more—while keeping subjects engaged and reducing respondent fatigue. Simply insert any of these card sort tools right into your survey

  • Standard Statements and Images
  • Package Deconstruction Format
  • Inter-Activities


An online perception meter measures the moment-to-moment impact of video ads, replacing traditional audience meters used in large central location testing environments. This perception meter captures viewers' spontaneous reaction to ads by testing aided and unaided recall of key message points and/or imagery. The flash-based Perceptometer allows for perfect synchronization of the respondent's reaction with the video image and enables research to be conducted using large national samples.


CollageBuilder provides an in-depth understanding of a brand's perceived personality. From an inventory of visual aids that includes photos, illustrations and words, respondents select items they feel best represent a brand or product. CollageBuilder follows the creation of the collage and prompts the respondents to describe, in detail, their rationale behind the various graphic elements they chose to represent the brand. Standard and custom image selection available.


Similar to a traditional tachistoscope, the Web-based Socratic Te-Scope allows short, controlled views of ads, packaging designs, shelf-sets and other consumer packaged goods (CPG). Each stimulus is loaded and then "played" so that slow connection speeds and other problems inherent in Web transmission are eliminated. The technique is commonly employed to measure the shelf impact of product packaging.

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